The value of the artworks we handle is high. If we were to insure all those artworks, or to insure the liabilities we might otherwise have for those artworks, our charges would increase. Therefore: (i) we do not insure Customers’ goods unless specifically agreed with them in writing; and (ii) we accept only very limited liability to our Customers, even if loss is caused by negligence by us. We therefore require our Customers to warrant that they have fully insured their goods and that we are noted as a co-Assured. If you do not already have adequate insurance of the type we require, we can help arrange insurance. Any Customer may request us to vary these Conditions (including increasing the scope of our liability), although it may be necessary for us to levy a surcharge if we do so.

To view full details of the terms and conditions under which we operate, please select the relevant link below:

1: For our general operating terms: Artful Logistics Ltd Terms and Conditions of Trading 2014

2: For UK Road Transport Movements: RHA Terms and Conditions 2009

3: For European Road Transport Movements: CMR Terms and Conditions

4: For International Shipping/Airfreight: BIFA Terms and Conditions 2005

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